Mountains in Clouds
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Lou's Adventures Continue!

Who could have guessed the travelling carnival was hiding a secret this big?

Lou’s life hasn’t gotten any quieter since last year. When the new school year gets off to a bad start, the whole town gives her a hand in solving the dangerous case of her missing friends. Just in time too, because another mystery is about to roll into town.

The fall carnival is coming, but all anybody can talk about is the freak accident on the rollercoaster last year. The tale of a carnie’s death catches Lou’s curiosity. What really happened on that cold Halloween night? Was it just an accident?

Lou’s convinced there’s more to the story. Together with her friends, she can’t help piecing together the clues on the cold case to find out the truth.

Amusement Park Ride

You Loved the Illustrations in Book One; Check Out Book Two's!

Illustrations by Trevor Watson

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